SAEIND is the society established and promoted by competent young entrepreneurs with experience in various sectors of economy. It aims at bridging the gap between industries and educational institutions, rural development, promoting renewable energy resources, research and development and other social programs for the development of the nation.

We basically believe that in today’s cut throat competition at global level, we have to develop our potential resources. To combat the challenge at global level, Schools & Higher Education Institutions will have to respond to a complex set of problems and bridge the gap between education and industry, We, at SAEIND, understand this gap and we add values to our education system so that students can get skills and platform to perform. We believe knowledge is not only power but also a differentiator.

The economic development and sustainability of our nation will a lot upon our rural development. Though India has witnessed an unprecedented growth in the last decade, rural development remains to be one of the biggest challenges for modern India. Despite many large scale rural development schemes, the absolute number of people in poverty has not declined substantially. Majority of India’s rural population lives without adequate basic social and physical infrastructures. The growth story of India’s economic development would be incomplete without development of our country’s social and rural segment. SAEIND aims at providing rural development through new technologies, harnessing our renewable resources, techno commercial evaluations and consultancy for the sectors that are of utmost importance for the all-round development of our nation.

Hence, SAEIND aims for development of skills of student, employee, farmer & common man of society. It conducts and supports student projects, Research & Development & other technical challenges. It acknowledges & promotes the contributions made by eminent personality in the field of Science, Agriculture, Education and Industry. It spreads awareness among civilians for burning issues such as Water Management, Energy Management, Pollution & Industrial safety.