Jul 16 2015


First Step: (Taking a Firm Decision):

I congratulate you for your decision of “Higher Studies Abroad”. I am saying this not because the degree from abroad is better than the degree from home country But because of your determination to face the world out of your comfort zone and unknown territories. It is always a dream, going for that coveted degree which will give you an advantage in life. And going for your Higher Studies abroad will give you a firsthand feel of international multicultural environment, the confidence to face difficulties in a real time scenario and shaping your personality. And some time it gives you an edge over others as you can have the capability to understand people better because of your educational background and you can spend a reasonable amount of time with different generations, different ethnicities, different cultures, different religions and different lifestyles as well.

“Morning shows the day”

So I think you can understand the congratulatory message is for a better life and better personality in advance. So the first and biggest step for this journey is to take a small and firm decision for “higher studies abroad”.

Now, as you have taken the decision to go for the higher studies, according to the below procedures you should target for the next intakes (Keeping a minimum of 15 months in hand is best).

The Second Step (Knowing the type of Degree):

There are many countries which are the “higher education destination” for students all over the world. Some of them are USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Singapore etc. Now after all of these choices definitely a student will be confused, where he/she needs to go. Here you have to ask yourself what you want to do in your life, because higher studies are always specialised tracks. So choosing the correct track will keep you in a good state and makes further steps of yours in this direction, easy and smooth. For

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