Our Vision

Society for Advancement in Education and Industrial Development (SAEIND) is committed to bringing the best knowledge, innovation and technical solutions to students, educators, professionals and society through its diversified offerings to reach for new heights and benefit all humankind. SAEIND aims to alleviate a major problem that industries face currently,i.e. to bridge the gap that exists between the industry and graduates of educational institutions, in terms of the industrial needs and expectations against what the graduates actually have to offer for the technological advancement of the industry. This, SAEIND aims to achieve by collaborating among industry experienced professionals who have understood the industrial needs and expectations and have their knowledge and experience to offer, to the budding graduates.

Our Mission

Society for Advancement in Education and Industrial Development (SAEIND) aims to develop the people of society, industries and educational institutions by imparting knowledge as well as innovative and technical solutions in all major sector of economy. Our Objectives for excelling in these fields are:

  • To establish, manage and organize diversified and industry specific training and development programs /seminars for all type of institutions across the nation, to bridge the gap between industry and educational institutions.
  • To identify development opportunities in rural India and fostering the growth of the same through scientific research and modern technologies. Development in the rural and urban areas covers the training for qualified people on the below:
    1. Identification of the resources to be used and renewable energy sources based on location based case studies.
    2. Consultancy, support and guidance for the implementation of the prototypes developed by students if aid is received from local /state/central authorities.
  • To award prizes and recommendations for excellence in a) Training & Development area b) Rural and urban development c) New scientific and industrial researches d) Development in non-renewable energy sector.
  • Peer to peer marketing of scientific research/rural and urban development/new training related to catering specific industrial and consumer needs /development in non-renewable sector.
  • To create the awareness among the industries, educational institutions.
  • and general people for Energy Management, Water Management, Pollution and its control& other national/global burning issues.
  • To provide assistance to social machinery for improving literacy level, self-employment & other necessary support for boosting national growth.
  • To conduct awareness programmers and trainings in Industrial Safety and Occupational health.